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Yamaha FG-200 Jumbo Japan (1973-74).

In the early 1970s, Yamaha began producing these fantastic guitars in Japan under strict quality controls and with premium materials.

Features a solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, bone bridge nut and saddle, and X-shaped top gussets.

The body shape is very close to harmony sovereign jumbo, and the sound too, very rich and powerful with real bass and brilliant at the same time.

The neck is assembled with the body in the traditional style without screws, not like the acoustic guitars that were produced at the same time in Japan, which had screwed necks.

The models that were produced in these early years are by far the best and are distinguished by the logo on the head with three crossed tuning forks.

The way the nut is carved, the interior is also varnished, The tuners of the pegbox, all metal, grover type, sealed and super gradual and smooth, indicate that the maximum effort has been put into building a great guitar

It has been totally revised, original fret reconditioned, shiny and polished. Very comfortable to play, low action. Strung with bronze 80/20 thickness 0.12.

Although it has a lot of scratches and taps, its condition is very good and there are no cracks, being its firm and stable condition, ready to last for many years.

Yamaha FG-200 Jumbo Japan (1973-74)

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