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Puglissi Reale (Catania) 19th century

  This guitar is built with solid woods of the highest quality, and by hand, probably in Italy (Catania) by "Puglissi Reale". It is a very refined instrument and of the highest category.
  The top is spruce with bone and ebony trim on the edges. The rosette is made of ebony paste with vellum or parchment.
  The bridge is stained maple, with bone trim. 62 cm scale. Instead of frets it has the older bars (in this case bronze) of rectangular section, hammered into the grooves of the ebony fingerboard (very unusual in Europe in those years and was reserved for the best instruments, two of these bars have been replaced by very fine mandolin frets.
  Its head is finely carved in wood, it was probably somewhat polychrome and had some small shiny adornment. The headstock is mechanical, probably an early one, and it looks like the original. The twist to tune the strings is the other way around that at present, they can be moved without any problem and become standard.
  One of the pegbox pins is not original, the rest are made of a bone-organic material that expert eyes will know how to identify. The nut is of the same material. The saddle is made of bone.
  The back and sides are made of solid Brazilian rosewood and the handle is made of maple wood. The mother-of-pearl fingerboard ornaments do not look original and I think they may have been added later.
  It has a Carey pickguard in the style of Italian guitars that were played with a plectrum, so I think it would accept silk and steel strings. The pin at the end of the body is ebony too.
  It has a screw in the socket that seems to be there since the beginning of time, perhaps an old repair, in my opinion it is already part of the instrument and its history and it did not seem right to me to modify it, its new owner can make that decision.
  The guitar is fully operational, solid and well tuned with a great sound, and is strung with Hannaback nylon strings.
  Although multiple hits and repairs it is firm and very comfortable to play tuning well on all frets. It has been revised internally and externally, taking all the necessary actions to safely recover this impressive instrument.
It is offered with a full guarantee, and its return is admitted if you are not satisfied.


  If someone can provide any information it will be welcome ...



"Puglissi Reale" (Catania) 19th century

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