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Parlor Otwin (1950-55)

  It is a parlor size guitar, ladder braced (parallel bars) built by hand, with a 62 cm scale, and straight fingerboard (no radius). All the woods are solid and it has an excellent construction.

  The top is spruce, the sides and back are curly maple. The fingerboard is tinted maple.  62 cm scale. The tuning pegs are screwless gears. These machine heads were used until the mid 50's.

 All the parts are original, their condition is very good. It has a small crack in the lid, (almost not visible) that has been professionally repaired, and numerous dents and scratches that do not affect its integrity at all.

 It has been meticulously restored down to the last detail, the fingerboard has also been leveled and the frets have been reconditioned.

 The bridge is made of stained maple and has a movable fret that allows you to adjust the tuning on all frets. It is strung with silk and steel 0.11

 The guitar is fully operational, working well, comfortable to play and with a great sound!


Otwin guitars were built in Germany, and were the brand used for guitars by master luthier Otto Windisch.

The commercial foundation of the Otwin company occurred in 1886 in Schilbach. At the age of 20, Otto Windisch founded a company that would become a world class company over the years. In 1903 Otwin opened a branch in Schöneck with between 70 and 120 employees.

Stringed and plucking instruments were produced, as well as special forms such as Stelzner instruments and master violins. And he acquired a great reputation for his excellent instruments

In addition to mass production, they were also a pioneer in Custom Shop manufacturing, as we would call it today, with high-quality instruments.


Parlor Otwin (1955)

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