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Parlor Klira 1960´s

This guitar has a maple top, solid maple sides, and a laminated back with maple and mahogany. Rosewood fingerboard. 62 cms scale. Tien cutaway which is very unusual for parlor guitars.

It does not have an adjustable trusrod, the cap that is seen on the head is just an ornament with the brand logo.

Although it has many bumps and scratches, it is solid and in very good condition to play. It has been fully restored and adjusted, the string height is very comfortable and the tuning is perfect. Strung with bronze 0.11.

"Klira (Otto Johs. Klier GmbH) was a German string instrument manufacturer, from 1887 to 1982. Starting with the classical violin family of instruments, the production range was expanded with acoustic and electric guitars around the 1950s .

The company was soon reformed in the Franconian region of Bavaria, West Germany, in the city of Erlangen. This coincides in time and place with the founding of the Framus company by Fred Wilfer, also from Schönbach. "

Parlor Klira (1960)

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