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Parlor "Huettl" (1965)

  Built in the mid 60's in Germany. 62 cm scale. Laminated maple and mahogany top, sides and back, as was common for archtop guitars of the time, is actually the same material. Produces a more penetrating and immediate sound with great sound response. Maple neck too, and rosewood fingerboard.

  The varnish shows the traces of time, but it holds up quite well. A crack visible in the side has been repaired and is firm and solid.

  It is in good condition, with a straight neck and bronze frets, which have been conditioned and polished. The action is low and it is comfortable to play, tuning well.

  It is strung with silk and 0.11 steel and has a 62 cm scale. It tunes and works fine, no buzzing or fretting.

It has been completely restored and is in good condition and very comfortable to play.

Parlor "Huettl" (1965)

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