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Parlor Hofner 510 model (1957)

It is one of the first parlor models manufactured by Hofner, its production began in 1953.

It has a spruce top with irregular grain (bear claw) that is highly appreciated today for its sound, although in the past it was used in mid- and low-range instruments, curly maple sides, and curly maple laminate with a 3D effect for the bottom.

Two-piece maple neck with pear wood fingerboard. It is of classic construction with a glued mast without screws.

The frets are made of bronze and are like new, round, polished and without marks, scale 62 cm. It is strung with 0.11 silk and steel.

It is in very good condition and maintains the original varnish.

It has been revised and completely restored. And it is fully operational, working well and very comfortable to play.

Parlor Hofner 510 model (1957)

375,00 €Price
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