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German Mahogany Parlor (1930) 

 Handcrafted in Germany in the early 1930s. Solid cedar top, curly maple back and sides.

 The fingerboard is rosewood. It has all the original parts. Bridge is stained maple

  It also has the original frets, barely used, which have been reconditioned and polished.

   The bridge pins are also made of wood with a mother-of-pearl center. The neck is perfectly straight and the headstock is also original, working well.

 Strung with a new set of 0.11 silk and steel strings.

 Some scratches on the varnish and dents, It has no cracks or fissures and is in very good condition.

 It has been professionally reviewed, and adjusted as necessary for correct and comfortable operation.

 The guitar is fully operational. It preserves the original shellac varnish on the back and sides. The lid is varnished in the old style, like lutes, with egg white.

 Has some background repairs done professionally. No crack or repair on the lid.

 Somebody wrote the name of the notes under the bridge with a pen, they are hardly noticeable.

 Its condition is very good, it plays comfortably, less than 1.5mm on the first string, fret 12, tunes well, and has a great sound!



German Parlor (cedar top) 1920

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