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Musima 1655 DDR 1960´s

They are full-length guitars with cutaway, large size, with a 65 cm scale.

They are made of solid wood (can be seen at the edge of the hole when removing the pads).

Same wood for the top and bottom, it looks like some kind of maple, it also has a rosewood fingerboard and neck with adjustable core. Pickups "Simeto" single coil.

Very comfortable to play in all positions, the neck is a luxury, balanced and stable, with perfect tuning and balance.

It has general volume and tone and a switch with 4 positions to select the combination of the pickups.


Musima guitars were built in East Germany, behind the iron curtain. The "Musima company" beginnings in the town of Markneukirchen. They were instruments widely used by professionals in their time, for their reliability, their good sound and especially their comfort when playing. The quality of their materials was good and they were as famous as Hofner and Framus on the other side of the iron curtain.



Musima 1655 thinline DDR 1960´s

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