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Max Wild guitar 1950´s

Max Wild was a German luthier from Lower Saxony (Germany), who had his workshop in Klingenthal (a town dedicated to the construction of string instruments since 1800). There he made his instruments by hand since the late 1800s.

This particular guitar has a flat top, although visually it looks like an archtop. It is ladded braced with a complex inner frame. It is all made of solid wood: spruce for the top, and maple for the sides and bottom.

It has a scale of 65 cms and has been completely restored. The fingerboard has been leveled and new bronze frets have been put in, like the original ones, so the action and tuning are optimal.

Some small cracks in the lid have been professionally repaired and the varnish that appears cracked longitudinally has been repaired.

It has an old system to correct the angle of the neck and the height of the strings with a screw at the base of the neck. This system was used since 1800 in salon guitars, in the Vienna style.

The maple wood, being solid, has shrunk and has had to be seated again on the rings, being solid and fully operational. Although it retains the normal scars on a guitar of its age that has been used extensively, its general condition is very good.

It is strung with 0.11 bronze 80/29


Max Wild flat-top 1950´s

635,00 €Price
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