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Müller Contra-lute (1920) swan neck

  These instruments were very popular from 1800, until the beginning of  1900.

 This one in particular shows the date 1920 on the label.

 It has a spruce top, body and sides are  maple and all woods are solid. 

  The frets are crownless, rectangular section silver pieces and the fingerboard is scaled.

  has  65 cm scale for the first 6 strings and 85 cm for the lowest 6, the total length is 125 cm.

 The fingerboard is mahogany and the construction of the neck, or neck, is a whole piece of maple. 

 The tuning pegs are made of wood, a couple of them are not the original ones. The capos are made of wood.

  It was built in Germany around 1900, in the traditional way. And it is a very high quality instrument built with good materials,  with a high degree of detail, and very ornate.

 The Luthier who built it decided to use the top, although it has some small knots in the wood, but they are on the side and it doesn't seem like they had any influence on the sound.

 The soundhole rosette is original from the same wood, carved on the top itself, with an intricate carving, which remains intact despite the years, like the instrument in general.

 Incorporates original wooden headstock, with Rosewood pins, with screws in each one, which allow adjusting the friction, for better operation.

 It has some Rosewood frets on the top.

 It has been fully restored and adjusted for proper operation.

 Without major repairs and all its parts are original.It has a correct height to play and tunes perfectly on all frets.

 The neck is perfectly straight and solid like the rest of the instrument, . It is strung with new nylon strings for the guitar, in the part of the low strings it has two that seem to be made of silk and another two that are made of copper, surely someone more expert than me will know how to find the right strings for this instrument.

 It also maintains the original varnish, although on the sides and bottom it has scratches, bumps and small scratches,  his general condition is very good.

 Some small crack in the rear bottom, which can be seen in the photos,  It has been professionally repaired and sealed, and does not affect its proper functioning in any way.

 The strings of the longest neck are played in the air, without stepping. They are tuned in the scale of the theme that you are going to play, they are similar to the strings of the harp.

 The instrument is fully operational, working well and with a great sound!!


Müller Contra-lute (1920) swan neck

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