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Romantic lute "Deutsche Maister" (1900).

 This lute has a spruce top, curly maple body, and all woods are solid. It has a 62.5 cm scale, the pins are rosewood and the bridge is maple wood. The  bridge pins are rosewood, with mother-of-pearl trim.

 Fue construido en Alemania a finales de 1800 o principios de 1900, de manera artesanal.   

 Incorporates original mechanical headstock, without screws (riveted gears).

 It has an "scalloped" rosewood fingerboard and the frets are small silver bars, rectangular in section embedded on the wood. It has 5 rosewood frets on the top.

  It has no cracks, no major repairs and all its parts are original.

  It has been fully restored and adjusted for proper operation and comfortable performance.

 No modifications have been made, and it maintains the  original shellac varnish. The height of the strings is around 2.5 mms. Its height is correct and comfortable, and the instrument is fully operational, working very well.

 The soundhole rosette is made of walnut, with bone decorations, and remains complete despite the years.

 It is in an optimal state to play, with a comfortable action, without buzzing or fretting, and perfectly stable, working perfectly and tuning well on all frets.

 It is strung with new nylon strings.

 Although it has some small scratches and bumps, its general condition is very good.

 It is not usual to find these instruments in their original condition, with all their parts, and with such good functioning. 

"Deutsche Maister" means German Master, It was a great brand with a very good reputation. They are instruments that were built by hand in small lutheria workshops.



Romantic lute "Deutsche Maister" (1900)

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