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German Lute (1920)

  It was built in Germany in the early 1900s, by hand.  This lute has a spruce top, the body is maple, and all the woods are solid. It has a 62.5 cm scale, the pins are made of ebony and the bridge is pear wood. The  Strap pins also with bone inlays.

 Includes original mechanical headstock, without screws (riveted gears).

 It has a rosewood fingerboard and the frets are nickel-plated. It has 5 rosewood frets on the top.

  It has no cracks or major repairs and all its parts are original.

  It has been completely restored and adjusted for correct operation and comfortable execution.

It has a string height of around 2.5 mm, and its height is correct and comfortable for a classical music player.

 The mouth rosette has been carved into the lid itself, and remains complete despite the years.

 It is in optimal condition for playing, with a very comfortable action, without buzzing or fretting, and perfectly stable, working perfectly and tuning well on all frets.

It is strung with new nylon strings.

It has the figure of the edelweis flower carved on the blade. It maintains the shellac varnish with excellent shine and its shape is more stylized than other models.

Although it has scuffs and small scratches, its overall condition is very good.

It is not common to find these instruments in their original condition, with all their parts, and in such good working order.

German Lute (1920)

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