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Klira "Rocky Mountain" 1977

Guitar with spruce top, fingerboard and rosewood bridge, maple back and sides.

It is built in the Martin style and has really remarkable bass sounds, it was built with great care and good materials, It is in very good condition and allows a perfect fit and tuning. X braced!

It has repaired small fissures on one side that are barely noticeable. Revised and adjusted!


Klira (Otto Johs. Klier GmbH) was a German manufacturer of string instruments, from 1887 to 1982. Starting with the classic family of violin instruments, the production range was expanded with acoustic and electric guitars around 1950: s.

Klira was founded in 1887 by Johannes Klier in Schönbach, today Luby u Chebu in the Czech Republic. Their son Otto Josef Klier took over the company in 1914. After World War II, the Klier family left the company in 1946. The company soon re-formed in the Franconia region of Bavaria, West Germany, in the Erlangen city. This coincides in time and place with the foundation of the Framus company by Fred Wilfer, also from Schönbach. In 1950, the Klira company was moved more permanently to Bubenreuth.


Klira "Rocky Mountain" 1977

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