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"King" (Eko) 12 strings (1979) + P/U

It has size 000, a little wider than usual,  with scale of 62.5 cms. Pine-fir top and the rest mahogany. It is X-braced and has a very nice sound that stays with great sustain.  These inner bracing are the same ones used by Framus on some guitars, customizing the extandar into an "X".

These guitars look like they were built by eko, as a second brand or commissioned by another company. It has a 3-piece neck: mahogany, maple, Eko-style mahogany. And adjustable trusrod truss rod, working fine.

 The neck is attached to the body using the same system of screws and plastic plugs as on Eko guitars.

 It has a pin-less wooden Framus-style bridge, adjustable in height, and a rosewood fingerboard.  The fingerboard is in the Framus style, somewhat narrower than usual, straight and without a radius.

 It has a magnetic pickup installed with tone and volume controls that works well with no noise or hum.

 It has been thoroughly revised and restored in what little was necessary. The frets and fingerboard have been reconditioned and polished. Tunes, octaves and plays perfectly

 The neck is straight and stable, allowing a perfect fit. Very comfortable to touch!

 Strung with new bronze strings 0.09








"King" (Eko) 12 strings (1979) + P/U

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