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Kay L-2139 (1955)

Built in Chicago in 1953. It is Concert size with 65.5 cm scale.

  Spruce top, neck, sides and back are made of maple, and not mahogany, as is more usual.

  Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Mother of pearl inlays. "Steel reinforced" neck with nickel frets.

  The fingerboard has been overhauled and new frets have been fitted. The action is low and it is played very comfortably, it is a guitar with a lot of balance. The mast is straight like a sail. The nut and saddle are made of bone, the bridge of rosewood. The headstock is original cluxon brand.

  The guitar keeps all the original parts except the pickguard. Also the original varnish in sunburst. Numerous scratches and small scars typical of an instrument of its age, but no fractures or major repairs.

You have already done the neck-reset and the height of the strings is perfect.  The sound corresponds to what is expected while maintaining an impressive timbre and presence with great sustain.

Strung with 0.11 80/20 bronze. Revised and adjusted!


Kay L-2139 (1955) USA

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