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Hoyer Dove model (1972)

It was built in the early 70's, with a pine top, maple back and sides. German-style with X-cap reinforcements.

They are very well built instruments with good materials. They are similar to Hofner guitars, although they have their differences.

The neck has an adjustable web and rosewood fingerboard. The frets are original and have been cleaned and polished, as well as the fingerboard, which shows no signs of wear.

The body shape is similar to the KG-11 with very low hips and a lot of width, also the sides are wider than normal. The drawing of the mouth is handcrafted with wood, it is not a sticker or a decal.

The bridge is height adjustable and also allows individual octaving of each string, for good tuning and tone. The headstock is completely metal, without plastic parts.

It has a bright, flared sound with a long sustain.

It has been revised and adjusted in everything necessary for a perfect operation and a comfortable action. (Supports 1.5mm high for 1st string at 12th fret).

The varnish is acrylic, so it appears cracked at some points, and with superficial cracks that only affect the varnish. Although it has numerous taps and a few small scratches, it has no cracks or repairs, and its general condition is good.

"Founded in 1874 by Franz Hoyer in his workshop in Schönbach (now in the Czech Republic). Hoyer started making lutes and zithers, and then moved on to classical and folk guitars. The company was continued by his son Joseph Hoyer. The family left Schönbach and settled in Tennenlohe near Erlangen in Germany. Arnold, the son of Joseph Hoyer, reorganized the Hoyer company and the brand soon became known for its good quality. Among the most notable users of the Hoyer guitar was the English guitarist Eric Clapton, who received a Hoyer acoustic guitar for his thirteenth birthday, but the inexpensive steel-stringed instrument was difficult to play and he briefly lost interest. constant. [1] After Arnold Hoyers passed away in 1967, his son Walter took over the Hoyer Company and focused more on electric and folk guitars. "

Hoyer "Dove" model (1972) natural

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