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Hofner model 497 1961 (museum quality)

Collection guitar! The best parlor guitar hofner built!

It has the "ladded braced" parlor wattage. I don't fan. It also has a parlor scale, 62 cm. And an old pattern for the lid, with the hole very low. He has an interesting job on the rosette and on the bindings. Mast in 5 pieces ... We suppose it was strung with gut or nylon.

"Hofner catalog"

One of the Hofner Master Guitars, and therefore of a very high quality. Initially the 497 had a spruce top, with the back and sides of the rosewood, and an ebony fingerboard. Until the early 1970s, the upper and back edges of the body were tied with cedar and purfled with multi-ebony straps. After that, a black plastic joint was used.
This model was supplied to Selmer London as the "Concert" model from 1952 until around 1957. VIDEO:

Hofner 497 "The Concert" 1961

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