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Hofner 4890 1970´s

Model built in the mid-70s. Its construction is similar to the 490, but with better finishes and with a fully metal headstock, also pins, and covered with metal.

It has had little use and is in very good condition. Some small scratches on the varnish on the back that are barely visible ... Spruce top, sides and curly maple back. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood. The two-piece maple neck of very good quality

It is higher-end than those usually seen, and its sound is better and with more presence and punch. The stiffeners of the top are not like in other similar models (Martin style X) but it has a special Hofner design halfway between the Selou Manouche guitars and parallel fan. Without a doubt a very special and powerful timbre.


It has a great sound and is played very comfortably. Revised and adjusted!

Hofner 492 model 1970´s

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