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Hofner 460 model 1952

Very, very rare model. The Hofner 460 model was produced between 1949 and 1954.

It is a high-end guitar with wood and deluxe manufacturing.

Carved top in black pine, back and sides in solid maple, also carved in the traditional style.

In 1952 the bodies continued to be made by putting the rings on the binding, a process that did not survive due to its high cost, due to its handmade work.

It also has the deluxe antique mast. very separate strings and very comfortable.

It is the only model with cutaway that I have seen, not even photos appear on the internet. very rare...


This model appears to have been produced only between 1949 and 1954, and hence there are not many examples about. It seems to have been the deluxe version of the Model 456. Finished in glossy black lacquer, and with the "up-market" Lyre tailpiece. The headstock has a "rocket" inscribed in the usual pearloid and tortoiseshell headstock fascia. The black-finish, but lower spec Model 458 took over from the 460 in 1954.

  • c1951 / 52 HOFNER MODEL 460
    A very interesting guitar, with the flared headstock top and black lacquer finish usually associated with the 460, but with fairly complex "split" fret markers and multi-layer body and F-hole binding. I am assuming that this guitar is one of the very first 460 models made, in a period when that type of fret marker and lavish bindings were also fitted to the 461 model.


Hofner 460 model 1952

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