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Hofner 458 model (1-7-1959)

 Built in 1959 with very high quality African sapele wood. This is what makes it different since the rest of Hofner's archtops are predominantly maple. This model has a thinner body and a thicker and deeper sound than other models. Rosewood fingerboard and bound fingerboard, 64.5 cm scale. It has a sweeter sound than maple...

 It is the "deluxe" version of model 456, which in turn is the "deluxe" version of model 455.

 It has a 64.5 cm scale with a rosewood fingerboard. The frets are the original ones, jumbo type (nickel silver), reconditioned and polished. The varnish is a transparent chocolate color.

  It has the construction date written under the lid, you can see it with a mirror. It is very comfortable to play and allows a very fine adjustment, 1.5 mm for the first at the 12th fret.

 This model had very low production and was only maintained for 11 years, cutaway models are rarer. It is strung with 0.11/52 elixir bronze strings

 The guitar has been thoroughly checked, adjusted, octaved, etc... And it is ready to play and enjoy!

All pieces are original. It has some signs of use, normal for its age, but it is in very good condition and with a magnificent sound! (Sound test)

Hofner 458 model (1-7-1959)

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