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Hofner 457 model (President). 1961

 The 457 model is made with a solid spruce top. And it is one of the most appreciated and most popular models.

For export to the USA it was marketed through Selmer and changed its name to "President" keeping its name 457 model, for Europe.

It has a rosewood fingerboard and original nickel silver frets. the sides and back are curly maple. It has adjustable trusrod. The neck is built in 5 pieces of maple and mahogany

It has the original bakelite bridge with individual parts for the intonation.

Inside, on the lid, below, a date that looks like June 19, 1961.

The guitar works well, eighth, it maintains the tuning and is very comfortable to play, it keeps the original reconditioned, round and bright frets.

It has some dings and scratches, normal for a guitar of its age. But it does not have any cracks, nor major repairs.

All parts are original are original. It is strung with bronze elixir 011/52

Hofner 457 model (1961)

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