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Hofner 4550 E1 model (1962)

It is a large 17" guitar built in Germany in 1962. Made of curly maple and laminated mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and maple bridge. Scale 64.5 cm.

It is varnished in transparent sunburst red. It is extremely rare to find a guitar like this with these characteristics, since 99% were made in light tobacco sunburst.

The original varnish is somewhat cracked, but it is the original and maintains its integrity, and much of its shine.

It has the original pickup installed, the most sought after Hofner model for its high sound quality.

The control board is the original and has the factory settings working well. It has a volume control and slider switches that can add and or remove bass and treble, in addition to the solo/rhythm option.

It has numerous dings and scratches, but no cracks or major repairs.

The nickel silver frets are the original reconditioned ones, and allow you to play comfortably with a very low string height and without fretting or buzzing. - 2 mm for the first string at the 12th fret. It is strung with 0.11/50 steel jazz strings
It has been completely revised, is in very good condition and fully operational!

Hofner 4550 E1 model (1962)

  • "This guitar has been authenticated and dated by the official Hofner vintage website.

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