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Hofner 455 model (1952)
In 1949 Hofner continued production after the war, and this was one of the first models. This guitar belongs to a transition period between the old designs and the most modern construction methods.

These were built just before the brand was burned under the bridge.

They were only built with these characteristics for a few months and production was very small. It is extremely rare to find a guitar like this with these characteristics. The maple and mahogany laminate only has two layers, one less than in the following years, this makes it more sonorous and sensitive to vibration.

The fingerboard is made of pear wood. In those years in Germany, rosewood was very expensive to use in these models and was used instead of pear wood. The separation between the strings is greater and it is played more easily.

The original varnish is quite cracked, and only retains the shine of the original three-tone sunburst on the back.

It has numerous dings and scratches, but no cracks or major repairs.

The bronze frets are reconditioned originals, and allow you to play comfortably with a very low string height and without fretting or buzzing.

It is strung with 0.11/47 steel
It has been completely revised, is in very good condition and fully operational!

Hofner 455 model (1952)

  • "This guitar has been authenticated and dated by the official Hofner vintage website.

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