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Hofner 4500 model Thinline  (1975)

  Model 4500 built in Germany, with adjustable soul.Built entirely in maple, with a rosewood fingerboard and nickel frets. Bakelite bridge. 64.5 cm scale, with cutaway.

 It is the evolution of the 450 model in electric and thinline version.It is in very good condition and almost unused.

 The height of the strings (0.10) is very comfortable to play, 1.5 mm for the first string at the 12th fret.

 The body is totally hollow, hollow body. It only has two reinforcing bars on the lid.

 It has installed two Hofner pickups, built by Schaller., with bar magnet and fully shielded. With a lot of power and sweetness, without buzzing, or noise.

 Nickel frets, like new, without marks, polished and shiny.

  Its general condition is very good although it has multiple taps and small scratches.

  It has been revised and adjusted as necessary for a comfortable action and perfect tuning.

  Frets without marks, revised and polished, oiled fingerboard. Has new 0.10 jazz style strings

  Great sound, tuning well in all positions and sounding good, without buzzing or fretting. Ready to play!


Hofner 4500 model "Thinline" (1975)

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