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Hofner 450 model 1965

Model 450 built in Germany, with adjustable core. Constructed all in maple, with rosewood fingerboard and bronze frets. Bakelite bridge. 64.5 cm scale, with cutaway.

It has a high quality ceramic magnet "Roswell" mini-humbucker installed.

The installation goes from inside the guitar to the jack socket at the end of the body .

The height of the strings (0.11) is very comfortable to play, 1.5mm for the first string at the 12th fret.

The bronze frets, like new, unmarked, polished and shiny. All original parts.

Originally it had the Hofner logo on the blade, but it lost it and only the holes remain.

Its general condition is very good although it has multiple taps and small scratches.

It has been totally revised and is firm and comfortable to play, tuning well. Original bronze frets, unmarked, revised and polished, oiled fingerboard. And a great sound, tuning well in all positions and sounding good, without hum or fiddling.


Hofner 450 model (1965)

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