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Harp-lute "Hopf" swan neck  (1977)

  These instruments were very popular since 1800. This particular one has a handwritten inside label in German. Honestly, I don't say I can decipher almost anything. A written date appears (77) that could allude to the manufacturing date, it could be Hopf because of the fret markers. It also has a carved lyre in its mouth, which I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will know how to identify.

 It has a spruce top, the body and sides are  of the highest quality curly maple and all the woods are solid. 

  It has  scale of 65 cm for the first 6 strings and 85 cm for the 6 lowest, the total length is 125 cm.

 The fingerboard is made of pear wood and the construction of the neck, or neck, is made entirely of one piece of maple. Nickel silver frets and bone nuts.

 The mouth rosette is original made of wood and represents a lyre. It has relief engravings on the back of the neck.

 Includes original headstock, riveted and without screws. 6 strings on the guitar and 4 on the bass.

 The original nickel silver frets have been reconditioned and are in excellent condition, polished and shiny.

It does not have any cracks or major repairs.  It has been completely restored and adjusted for correct operation.

 No major repairs and all parts are original.It has the correct height to play and tunes perfectly on all frets.

 The neck is perfectly straight and solid like the rest of the instrument, and the tuners work well. It is strung with new nylon strings for vintage Hannabach guitars.

 It also maintains the original varnish, although on the sides and bottom it has some dings and small scratches,  Its general condition is very good.

 The strings of the longest mast are played in the air, without stepping on them. They are tuned to the scale of the song you are going to play, they are similar to the strings of the harp.

 The instrument is fully operational, working well and with a great sound!!


Harp-lute "Hopf" swan neck (1977)

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