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Harmony Monterey H950 (1939-40)

  This guitar was the poor-boy's Harmony Monterey, and closer to the blues world for its ringing-tone. (his older sister has a spruce top).

  It is made entirely of solid birch wood, both for the body and the neck. The fingerboard is ebonized birch.

  It was built in the early years of the Second World War, as some metal pieces were replaced by wood, such as the tailpiece, which is made of ebonized birch. (The army confiscated all metal for military use)

  Also the pegbox contains aluminum parts and something, very little bronze. This sealed, corresponds to the time and seems original, there are no signs of modification.

  It has some unique characteristics that make it different from many others on the market.

  The head (scoop) is not in the classic Harmony shape, and looks like it was built for some other Harmony customer brand.

The neck is original, there is no sign of modification and it has a "V" shaped section. It also has a wooden nut and a 0 fret, like early Stella guitars, and just like most German guitars.

  The fretboard is nearly straight, with no radius, and is not reinforced. It appears designed to be used with silk and steel ropes.

  The top is very thin, it has a thickness of less than 2mm, the bottom too.

  The neck is perfectly straight and the frets are original, very thin, mandolin type, and have been reconditioned, being round and shiny, without marks.

  It is one of the first guitars to be built of this model

  The guitar is very comfortable to play. The height of the 1st string at the 12th fret is 1.5mm
  It has all the original parts and no repairs. It has been revised and adjusted to play comfortably. Impressive sound! Very good condition !!


Harmony Monterey H950 (1939-40)

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