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Harmony H1215 (1960s)

 It is made entirely of solid birch wood, both for the body and the neck. The fingerboard is stained maple and the bridge is rosewood. Close to the world of blues for its ringing-tone.

 It was built in the early 60's in Chicago. .

The neck is original, no signs of modification can be seen and it has a section in the shape of a "C" Baseball bat. It also has a pasta capo.

 The fingerboard is perfectly straight and stable, it has an internal steel bar (reinforced neck). The frets are original, made of nickel, and have been reconditioned, leaving them round and shiny, without marks.

 The guitar is very comfortable to play. The height of the 1st string at the 12th fret is 1.5 mms
 It has all the original parts, except a headstock on one side that had to be repaired

 The guitar has several cracks on the top, sides and back, all of them are perfectly sealed and the guitar is offered with full warranty. All our guitars have a two-year guarantee and product returns are accepted if you are not satisfied.

  The guitar works perfectly and has all the sound, it is offered at a price that corresponds to its condition, it is a good offer... and you will not have to pay customs...

 It has been revised and adjusted to play comfortably, impressive sound!

Harmony H1215 (1960s)

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