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Harmony h-1304 "Cremona" 1941

These guitars were hand-built in Chicago by Harmony artisans.

It has the hand-carved top of Spruce, Sides and bottom of 3D curly maple, Fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece of Rio rosewood. All solid woods.

Its construction is very fine, referring to its name, "cremona Italian town known for the manufacture of violins. The thickness of the bottom in some places is 1.5 mm.

The tailpiece is made of wood because the army restricted the use of metals as they were necessary for the army, there were still 5 years left until the end of the Second World War.


It has a professionally done back repair with full warranty. All original parts.


Its general condition is very good, its sound is sweeter than what is usual in guitars of its style and with more body and media register. Very comfortable to play. Strung with 0.12 80/20 bronze.


Harmony catalog:

Cremona MODEL IV - Grand Auditorium size, Carved spruce top. Back and sides of curly maple, in high polished Cremona brown sunburst finish. neat black and white bindings on body. Engraved celluloid headpiece. Bound oval rosewood supended type fingerboard with large pearlette inlays. Tune-Rite individual machines. Adjustable bridge.

Top wood Spruce, Body wood Maple, All solid woods Scale25 "1/4642 mm


Harmony H1304 Cremona 1941

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