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Romantic Guitar "Irion" Martin Mayr.

  It was probably built in Austria, since the style of the socket and the shovel are closer to the Viennese designs, in the lutheric workshop of "Martin Mayr Instrumentenmacher Kempten". The model is burned under the bridge and appears to read "Irion".

All woods are solid. The top is cedar, and the sides, back and neck are maple. The bridge is Bog wood, the fingerboard is pear wood, and the bridge pins and the end of the body are ebony with mother-of-pearl inlay.

The neck is joined to the body with the "Stauffer-Legnani" system so that the fingerboard does not touch the top, allowing it to vibrate freely. The nut is made of wood and has a width of 50 mm.

62 cms scale. The pegbox is very characteristic and unique Stauffer style, with metal pegs with screwless gears. It retains its original shellac varnish.

Its state of conservation is good, it is firm, comfortable to play and perfectly operational. It has a small crack on the top, and on the head, professionally repaired, which does not affect its great sound, nor its solidity.

It has been completely restored and adjusted to play comfortably. It maintains the tuning in all positions and the original frets are in very good condition, round and polished.

Romantic Guitar "Irion" (Martin Mayr 1900)

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