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Guitar "Rima Wolfrum"  (1960)

 It is a Luthier guitar of artisan construction and first class, built in Germany. All the woods are solid. Spruce top, maple back and sides, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.

 It is a large size guitar, 27 inches, long scale of 64.5 cm, fingerboard with binding and nickel silver frets.

 The interior frame is ladder braced style. No X, no longitudinal bars.

 It has a built-in Framus "mixer" with a "Gitane" pickup, which were the first to be built in Europe and were handcrafted.

 It also includes the original cable that connects it to the amplifier.

 It has two cracks on the lid, and two on the bottom. They are very thin and have been professionally repaired, they are hardly visible. For this reason it is offered at half its market price. We offer a two-year guarantee and the possibility of returning the product if you are not satisfied.

 The guitar is strong and firm, working well, tuning well, and fully operational.

 It is in very good condition, and with a great sound. It has been completely reviewed and adjusted as necessary to ensure proper operation. Bright nickel silver frets and hydrated fingerboard.



Guitar "Rhyme Wolfrum" (1960)

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