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Romantic guitar "Hans Vogl" (1890-1910).

  Handmade in Germany. It was made in the late 1890s in Munich.

  All solid woods, top is spruce, back and sides are made of curly maple. Rosewood fingerboard with original thin bronze frets.

  It was made in a style close to the romantic guitars, including some more modern variations.

  Wooden pegbox with ebony pegs, in the style of the old lutes.
  It has been completely restored, all the cracks that can be seen in the photos have been carefully repaired, in a professional manner, and the instrument is solid and works very well, without fretting or buzzing, and maintains its original varnish.

  The fretboard and frets  They have been reconditioned and are bright, unmarked and polished.

  It has a stained maple bridge with ebony trim. The pins are bone with nacre.

  The neck is straight and firm, the height of the strings at the 12th fret is about 2 mm. very comfortable to touch.

  It is strung with synthetic gut strings, Aquila brand nylgut, Alabastro model. It has a scale of 620 mm,



Romantic guitar "Hans Vogl" (1890-1910)

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