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Parlor guitar Phill Keller 1800

 Handmade in Germany. Made in the mid 1800's. All solid woods, top is spruce, back and sides are made of curly maple. 

 Pear wood fingerboard, stained.

 Original metal headstock  riveted without screws in the gear, so it could hardly be repaired, nor could a single part be replaced, and it had to be changed to a more modern one in 1900.

 It has a tag inside with the name of the constructor.It has been fully restored.  Some small cracks have also been sealed at the bottom, in the back, below.

 It has original frets that have been reconditioned and polished. It is perfect to play, with a very comfortable string height, approx 3 mm for the first in the 12 and 4 mm for the sixth string.

  Tunes well on all frets and sounds perfect without fretting or buzzing.

 The fingerboard has also been cleaned and everything necessary for correct operation has been adjusted.

 It is strung with nylon labella strings, in the style of old gut strings.

 Maintains all its original characteristics. The varnish is also the original, which has been cleaned and reconditioned.

 It is a truly vintage instrument, all original.



Parlor guitar Phill Keller (1800)

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