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Lute guitar Germany (1930)

 It was built in Germany between the mid-1900s. It was made by hand, and all its woods are solid.

 The top is made of spruce, sides and back are made of curly maple, as well as the neck. The bridge is made of ebony, and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. The headstock is mechanical, with rivet gears, without screws. Wooden nut with 0 fret, original.

 It has the figure of a windmill and some trees, carved in the mouth of the lute, in the mouth of the guitar. The fleur-de-lis that had been engraved on my head was lost.

 The bridge pins are original, inlaid ebony, as is the strap pin at the end of the body. The tuners are riveted, gears without screws.

 The neck is extremely strong and stays straight like the first day. It also maintains the original frets in excellent condition, its scale is 62.5 cm,

 It has been completely restored and tuned. It has a small crack in the lid that has been repaired and is firm and stable.

 In the photos you can see that it is not a half-melon lute, but rather that it has sides and a bottom. It is a little smaller than usual. It has a scale of 62 cm

 It is perfectly functional and tunes well, plays very comfortably, and has a great sound. All its parts are original and its general condition is very good.

 It is strung with nylon strings



Guitare luth Allemagne (1930)

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