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Original Hopf Guitar + Ideal Pickup 1950's


 Archtop guitar from the mid-50s, built with laminated maple and mahogany.


 64.5 cm long scale, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, baseball bat style. original machine heads


 Its condition is very good and allows a perfect fit, very comfortable to play, 1.5 mm on the 12th fret. Revised reconditioned, round and polished frets.


 It is equipped with a completely original ideal pickup from the early 60s that works perfectly without any noise or hum and with a deep and balanced sound.


 The pickup has an integrated volume control, but a new connection has been made, with new potentiometers and jack, working perfectly, without noise or hum. Natural and balanced sound on all strings


 Its condition is very good, the varnish shows the normal patina due to its age, the instrument has an old scratch on one side that is superficial and only affects the finish, and it appears firm and without any problem .


  The action is very low and has a great sound full of nuances



HOPF Family of instrument makers is the Klingenthal violin maker, Caspar Hopf, who was born in 1669 as a member of the Graslitzer violin makers. Caspar Hobe (1655-1716) was born, the son of mining engineer Christoph Hobe, who moved from Hamburg to Vogtland in 1650. But only the namesake son of Caspar Hopf (1650-1711) coined the "Hopf" brand. Since then, the craft has always been passed from father to son. Only in the 19th century was this family tradition interrupted due to the early death of August Hermann Hopf (1859-1884). But Ernst Max Hopf (1882-1956) learned the trade as a rope maker and founded the E. Max Hopf company in Zwota in Klingenthal in 1906. His son Willy Hopf (1906-1990) took over the company in 1932 and, together with his brother Wolfgang, joined the company as an instrument-building town.

Until 1948, the Hopf family lived in the Klingenthal/Markneukirchen area of Saxony. For political reasons, the family relocated before the founding of the GDR and the imminent nationalization of the company in Hess's work

Original Hopf Guitar + Ideal Pickup 1950's

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