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Guitar "G. Puglissi Reale and sons" (Catania) 11th century

This guitar is built with solid woods of the highest quality, and by hand, in Italy (Catania) by "Puglissi Reale". It is a very refined instrument and of the highest category.
The top is spruce with maple sides and back. The edge and mouth decorations are made of ebony paste with vellum or parchment details.
The bridge is made of stained maple, with ebony pins with inlaid mother-of-pearl. 62 cm scale. Instead of frets it has the oldest bars (in this case bronze) of rectangular section, nailed into the slots of the rosewood fingerboard (very unusual in Europe in those years and was reserved for the best instruments).
The headstock is mechanical, probably one of the first, and looks like the original. On the left side, the rotation to tune the strings is the opposite of what it is today, since the first mechanical pegs that were made rotated in the same direction as the wooden pegs.
The headstock pins are made of a bone-organic material that expert eyes will be able to identify. The capo is made of rosewood. The saddle is a bronze metal bar
The sides and back are made of solid maple wood and the handle is made of maple wood. It has mother-of-pearl decorations on the fingerboard. The pin at the end of the body is made of ebony as well.
The guitar is fully operational, solid and tuned well with a great sound, and is strung with 0.11/48 silk and steel strings. It was customary in Catania and in Italy in general to use metal strings, but it can be used with nylon, nylgut, natural gut, etc.

The height of the first string at the 12th fret is 2mm.
Despite multiple knocks and repairs, it is firm and very comfortable to play, tuning well on all frets. It has been inspected internally and externally, taking all necessary actions to safely recover this impressive instrument.

Some small cracks in the lid have been sealed with full guarantee and the minimum invasion, so as not to modify varnishes or its appearance, is offered with full guarantee, and its return is accepted if you are not satisfied.

Guitar "G. Puglissi Reale and sons" (Catania) 11th century

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