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Rosewood parlor guitar (1900)

  This guitar is built with solid woods of the highest quality, and by hand, probably in Vienna, Austria, or Germany.

It is a very refined instrument and of the highest category. The top is spruce with wood trim around the edges. The rosette is also made of wood.

The back and sides are made of Brazilian rosewood, as well as the fingerboard (very unusual in northern Europe in those years and was reserved for the best instruments).

The handle is made of maple wood. The bridge is stained maple, with "bone" pins. 62 cm scale. It has very thin bronze, mandolin-style frets that have been reconditioned, and are kept round and polished.

The headstock is mechanical, probably one of the first, and looks like the original. The turn to tune the strings goes the other way than today, this was normal in the first mechanical tuners, since sometimes they followed the same direction as the old wooden ones.

The varnish on the top and sides is the original shellac. But the background seems to have been revarnished and there are areas that are almost lost in a small area, giving greyish tones. The headstock pins and the bridge pins are made of a bone-organic material that expert eyes will be able to identify. The nut is made of wood. The saddle is bronze.

 It has a crack in the lid that has been professionally repaired and sealed. The guitar is fully operational, solid and tuned well with a great sound, and is strung with Hannaback nylon strings.

The height of the strings is 3.20 mm. for the first at the 12th fret and 4.5 mm for the sixth. This is a comfortable height for classical nylon-string guitarists.

In any case, the bridge has enough margin to lower that height by up to 2 mm. Although it has multiple taps, it is firm, stable and very comfortable to play, tuning well on all frets. It has been checked inside and out, taking all the necessary actions to safely recover this impressive instrument.

It is offered with a full guarantee, and its return is accepted if you are not satisfied. If anyone can provide any information it will be welcome...

Rosewood parlor guitar (1900)

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