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Parlor guitar (1930).

It was built in Germany between the late 1920s and early 1930s. It was made by hand, and all its woods are solid.

The top is spruce, back and sides are stained maple, as well as the neck, bridge, and fingerboard are maple. The headstock is mechanical, with rivet gears, without screws. Wooden nut, original.

It has the figure of a goblin playing the cello in the mouth of the guitar, it is carved in wood and polychrome, with the original painting.

Its sides are somewhat narrower than usual, its step is 65 cm, something very rare at this time since 99% were 62 cm.

The neck is extremely strong and stays straight like the first day, it also keeps the original frets in excellent condition.

It has been fully restored and tuned. It's perfectly functional and tunes well, plays comfortably, and sounds great. All its pieces are original.

It has a small crack that was professionally repaired, under the bridge. Although it has some scratches and taps, they do not affect its operation at all, and its general condition is very good.

German parlor guitar (1930)

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