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1800´s Parlor guitar

It was built in Germany in the early 1800s. It has a spruce top and maple back and sides. All are solid woods, almost 200 years old.

It has a 62.5 cm scale and a wooden pegbox. It is built with great care and very good materials. The baretaje is laded braced (reinforcements in parallel). It has the pegbox like the lutes. The bridge pins are made of bone (4 of them original + 2 replica).

In the early 1800s the guitar, already based on 6 simple strings, was gaining popularity, ceasing to be a very minority instrument as until then.

Many lute and mandolin builders began building guitars and many hybrid and unique instruments like this emerged.

It has a scale of 62.5 cm and has no crack or repair. All his pieces are original including the varnish that seems to have been retouched in the inter-war period.

It keeps all the settings it had when it left the factory. The height of the bridge has not been modified, nor the frets, only polished and polished.

The quality of the construction and the woods with excellent drying stand out, which have made it stable over the years. It has countless scratches and taps all over it, indicating that it was heavily used. But it is solid and stable, like the first day.

It is a fully operational and functional instrument that tunes well, plays comfortably, and sounds great.

Strung with gut strings. It was built to be tuned to 432 Mhz and it is in this tone where it will give all its nuances and expressiveness, although it can be tuned to 440 without problem.

It does not have any crack, nor repair. It works and tunes well in all positions, the neck is straight and stable, allowing you to play comfortably with a perfect string height.

It has been completely restored and is ready to play and enjoy for a few more centuries.


Parlor guitar 1800 (Guitar-lute))

1 490,00 €Price
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