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"Goldklang" Schrammel "Contra-guitar" (1910-20)

  These instruments were very popular from 1800, until the beginning of  1900. And the Goldklang brand enjoys great prestige among connoisseurs

  It has a spruce top, the body and sides are  maple and all woods are solid. 

  Has  62 cm scale, and two-piece Honduran mahogany fingerboard

  It was built in Germany in the early 1900s, in a traditional way. It incorporates original mechanical head, with bakelite pins, without screws (riveted gears).

  Maple neck, mahogany fingerboard and  small, very fine mandolin style frets. These are the original bronze frets, which have been reconditioned and are in excellent condition, polished and shiny.

  It has been fully restored and adjusted for proper operation.

  Without major repairs and all its parts are original.  It has the correct height to play and tunes perfectly on all frets.

  The neck is perfectly straight and solid like the rest of the instrument, and the tuners work well.

  It is strung with new nylon strings for vintage guitars with bronze wound.

  Although it has scratches, taps and small scratches, its general condition is good.

  Some small crack that can be seen in the photos, on the lid, has been professionally repaired and sealed, and does not affect the proper functioning at all.

The strings of the longest neck correspond to the basses, rest on individual ebony nuts, and each one has a different scale. They are played in the air, without stepping on.

They are tuned in the scale of the subject that you are going to play, they are similar to the strings of the harp.

The neck is joined to the body (in the Vienna style) by means of a screw that allows to adjust the angle of the neck, allowing an adjustment as fine as you want. Now it is adjusted to give a height in the first string, fret 12 of 1.5 mm

The instrument is fully operational, working well and with a great sound !!


"Goldklang" Schrammel "Contra-guitar" (1910-20)

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