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Gibson F-25 "Folksinger" 1964.
It was built in Kalamazoo in 1964. Spruce top, back and sides: Honduran mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and rosewood bridge too.
This model was built to attract clients among the folkies and other styles that used classical guitars with union at the 12th fret and with thickness and separation between the strings close to the classic nylon guitars. In fact it is the best option for a classical guitarist who wants to switch to brass strings without having to change distances, also for very large hands.
Basically it is a LG-2 X-Braced but with the bridge further back to correspond to the junction of the 12th fret. They started to build in 1963 and production was maintained until 1968.
For some reason already in 65 some modifications were made that somewhat devalued this model so that the most collectible and sought after are those built between 1963 and 64.
The pickguard is original and is inspired by some flamenco guitars from "Conde Hermanos".
As Gibson acknowledges in an article I have read
Its general condition is very good, although there are signs of wear and degradation on the back of the mast. A professionally made repair of the shovel with total guarantee, firm and stable, the aspect has been respected and although all these small imperfections are appreciated, it seemed to me preferable to maintain its authentic vintage image with the marks that its random life caused
It is perfectly firm and stable, with a very comfortable height to play: between 1.5 mm and 2 mm at the 12th fret.
Its sound is very sweet and thick, a special instrument with a very characteristic timbre!

Gibson F-25 "Folksinger" 1964

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