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Framus tango 5/57 1954

All maple, with ebony fingerboard and nut. Nickel silver frets, scale 62.8 cms. "Cordal compensated" of early 50s

It has a "Kent Armstrong" pickup installed with Alnico magnets. It connects directly with a female jack at the end of the body, which also serves as a hook for the strap. All pieces are original.

The pickguard has a fissure, solidly fixed from behind, so that it will not cause any problems. The volume potentiometer is installed on the pickguard and all parts have been padded with felt to avoid vibrations.

It has been completely revised and adjusted for perfect operation, and it is in good condition although the varnish shows some deterioration on the back, and on one of the rings, with scratches and superficial defects that do not affect its solidity.
Low action, super comfortable to play, tune and octave well. Great sound and very long sustain! It is a high quality instrument! It is in good condition, age-related scratches, revised and adjusted.

Framus Tango 5/57 1954

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