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Framus "Sport" 50/1  1962

 Parlor guitar built in the heart of Bavaria in 1962. It is a variation of the sport model, built for export, that's why it has the letters "EX"

 All maple construction, back and sides. Rosewood fingerboard. Solid spruce top.

 It has an adjustable trussrod that works well, fits well and is comfortable to play.

 The finish is in a nice sunburst, although the varnish shows some marks caused by normal use.

 It is a little smaller than a normal parlor. It has a scale of 57 cms. It is ideal for children or small hands.

 Its general condition is good, its operation and sound, very good. It stays in tune and is comfortable to play. Strung with bronze 0.11




Framus "Sport" 50/1 1962

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