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Framus parlor "Maya" 5/2-50  (1959)

It belongs to the first period of Framus. It has a rosewood fingerboard, which is very rare in these models. The old style shovel Bavarian series. 62.8 scale. cms.

It has a solid spruce top and maple sides, also solid. The back is arched, 3D maple laminate. The headstock is made of riveted gears without screws. Teardrop puncher.

It is one of the most finely built Framus parlor models. Even the pin at the end of the body is made of wood.

Very good condition, although the varnish is a bit beaten near the sides, but the guitar is firm and solid without any cracks or major repairs. Strung with 0.11 silk and steel, very comfortable to play.

These guitars are some cannons, some of the loudest I've tried.

It has been revised and restored as necessary, original bronze frets. reconditioned, shiny, oiled fingerboard,  fully adjusted.

Very comfortable to play. New silk and steel strings 0.11


Framus parlor "Maya" 5/2-50 (1959)

350,00 €Price
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