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Framus Jumbo Mahogany 5/197 "Luxor" (1977)

 Framus Jumbo size. Curly mahogany top, tinted maple sides, mahogany back, bakelite bridge
 This guitar has all the original parts including the bridge, it is all original. Also the headstock is made of pasta in the Framus style.
 Something that makes it even more special are the X-shaped reinforcements on the lid.
 Its state of conservation is very good. It has been revised and adjusted, being very comfortable to play and tuning perfectly.
 Multilamin maple neck, with adjustable truss rod. Long scale, good sound and playability.

 Comfortable to play, tuning well and with a great sound. Strung with 0.11 bronze.

 Revised by luthier, and adjusted for a comfortable action, height of the first string 1.5 mm at fret 12.

 Its condition is excellent, it is unused and it looks as if it were new!

Polished frets, perfect tuning. It has incredible tone and power.


Framus Jumbo (mahogany) 5/197 (1977)

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