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Framus (JMS) 5/61 "Florida" (1971)

This JMS model corresponds to the Florida model from Framus.

It has a solid spruce top, laminated maple and mahogany back and sides. Ebony fingerboard.

It is very large, measures 44 cm at the hips, 17 ". Scale of 62.5 cm.

The headstock is completely metal, it has no plastic parts.

It has installed a mixer with volume and tone, and an ideal pickup from the 50s.

The original connector is included, which has been modified at one end, adding a jack to connect to the amplifier.

The fretboard and frets have been overhauled. It is very comfortable to play (less than 1.5 mm at the 12th fret).

It has been totally revised and adjusted, for a perfect operation. Tune and octave well. Good sound, no hum or fiddling.

"In 1946 Fred Wilfer founded FRAMUS ... the name is an acronym for FRA nconian MUS ical instruments and was designed to draw attention to the fact that the famous Schönbach violin makers had made Franconia their new home.

In the early 70s he created the JMS brand with manufacturing in East Germany, recreating the same Framus models. These instruments were of high quality and were mainly intended for export ... "

Framus (JMS) 5/61 "Florida" (1971).

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