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Framus "Gagliano" 5 / 1-50 model 1964
Gagliano was a highly reputed German luthier who worked for Framus and Hofner. Both brands subcontracted most of their production, which were built in small craft workshops.
Such was the quality of his work, that the big brands allowed him to put his name instead of the brand logo.
Its instruments have been highly valued both in Europe and in the United States.
Its construction, finishes, varnishes and sound are superior to other standard instruments of the brand.
It is in very good condition, it has a small scratch on the back that does not affect the integrity of the instrument at all. (to see photos).
Revised and adjusted, fine-tuning and comfortable to play! Strung with 011silk and steel.


Framus "Gagliano" 5/1-50 model 1964

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