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Framus "Caravelle" 5 / 117-52T (1968).

It is a very special guitar, only for one year it was built with these characteristics.

Spruce-pine top, maple and mahogany laminate back and sides.

Ebony fingerboard with binding / later changed to rosewood without binding.

Pine top / later changed to maple and mahogany laminate.

Single coil pads with six alnico magnets each / then replaced by adjustable screws and a bar magnet

The pickups go on a floating metal frame on the top that allows for height adjustment, there are only two small holes for the cables to pass through. / then it was changed through large holes that went through the lid, to embed the tablet inside.

5-ply floating pickguard / later changed to single ply bolted to lid.

It only has an "f" 7 after it was changed for a sticker that simulated the "f", without a hole.

4 controls of 2 volume and 2 tone, with aluminum buttons / the number of buttons was decreasing and they were replaced by plastic.

It is very-thin, very thin with very narrow rings

The bridge allows to adjust the pieces individually and the vibrato works well, it allows to lock the plate in any position.

The female is on one side / after the position was changed and placed on the lid.

The guitar is totally hollow except for the space occupied by the bridge, where it has a wooden block that joins top and bottom.

All hardware is chrome steel, including the complete tuner, without plastic buttons.

It is in very good condition, and working well. It has been completely revised and adjusted as necessary to ensure proper operation. Shiny steel frets and hydrated fingerboard.

Includes a new hard case.

Framus "Caravelle" 5 / 117-52T (1968) w / c

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