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Framus 5/61 Florida (1956)

 Model with solid pine top and all curly maple back and sides, with cutaway. Built in 1956 "Bavarian series. Without adjustable soul (no trusrod).

The neck is very thin and comfortable, recently adjusted. Ebony fingerboard, nickel plated frets, 62 cm scale. Non-marking, round, bright frets.

 It is a collector's guitar, unused. It has been stored in the case for many years without receiving sunlight.

 Its condition is magnificent, all the pieces are bright and shiny. White plastic parts remain bright white, do not yellow...

 It has 0.11 jazz type steel strings. String height is 1.5mm or less for the first string at the 12th fret.

Its operation is also perfect, very comfortable to play, with great sound, and tuning well on all frets, without fretting or buzzing.

On the back of the blade it has some identification numbers marked.

The frets have been polished, the fingerboard has been cleaned and conditioned, for a comfortable and pleasant playing.

It is ready to touch and enjoy. New 0.11 steel strings.

Includes an original hard case, imitation leather in very good condition. Custom fit.


Framus 5/61 Florida (1956)

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