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Framus 5/60 "Missouri" 1962

Model with solid pine top and all mahogany sides and bottom with cutaway, built in 1962 "Bavarian series. It incorporates an adjustable core. The neck is very thin and comfortable, just adjusted.

Originally these guitars were all mahogany, including the top, but some models were made carved from spruce wood like this

It has a built-in "Schaller" mixer from the early 60's. Which has 3 built-in pickups and a Challer gold-foil pickup selector mixer, + tone and volume controls. Those that contain three pills like this are very rare

It works perfectly without noise or hum, the mixer is perfectly integrated into the structure of the guitar, and the height of the strings is comfortable to play

It sounds great, it is well octave, and the electronics also work perfectly, without noise or hum. The original headstock has been replaced by one of the Schaller oil brand.

The frets have been polished, the fretboard cleaned and conditioned, for a comfortable and pleasant playability.

It is ready to play and enjoy. 0.12 steel jazz strings


  • natural finish
  • laminated arched body, solid tops partly, rounded single-cutaway
  • Spruce top, Mahogany bottom & sides
  • mid 50s models with full Mahogany construction without cutaway
  • single-ply binding
  • Rosewood fingerboard with inlays
  • tailpiece with "Missouri" engraving, mid 1950s without engraving
  • builded since the mid 50's
  • also available as "Missouri-Resonanz-Electric" (5 / 60-50)
  • sales price (ca. 1958) 174, -DM
  • sales price incl. mixer 0/50 (ca. 1958). 244, -DM
  • sales price incl. mixer 0/52 (ca. 1958). 312, -DM



this particular instrument:

  • fully Mahagony without cutaway
  • dates mid1950s

Framus 5/60 "Missouri" 1962

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